“The experience of Limon is one that gets under your skin and into your soul.  It becomes a large part of who you are as a person and who you are as a Christian.  Since 2003, Debe (my wife), Dr. Lloyene Reid, and I have been leading medical teams to Limon. We are thankful that the individual skills of many have been put to use for all of God's people. We take 6000 - 8000 lbs. of clothes, shoes, and medicines on each trip, but when we return, we truly come back with much more than we took down."

Jack Hollingsworth

First United Methodist Church

Pine Bluff, AR

"My CHHF experience makes me mindful of what I have … I continue to think of certain patients and experiences in the clinic, especially caring for a little girl we kept overnight in the emergency and a new mother whose baby we delivered.  I was touched by all the children in the orphanage: their love, their hard work in school, and their graciousness. Being in the midst of these children was my great fortune."


"Years ago I had the good fortune or devine appointment to go with a team of 12 folks from Alabama to the CHHF Clinic in Limón, Honduras.  The experience was life changing for myself and all the other team members.  The CHHF support staff in S.C. was, and still is, wonderful.  The Hondurans we worked with have become friends that I see three times a year and literally talk or e-mail to weekly.  Because of the leadership of CHHF Clinic, Honduras has become a part of my life.  Don't go if you don't want to see what God has in mind for you. Take a chance, go for a week, and change your life." 

Dr. Tom Camp

​Alabama Honduras Medical Education Network (AHMEN)

Mary Jo Bennett

​Williamsburg, VA

Brandi Shetley


Union, SC

"​Our medical team in February 2012 took in over 922 patients, and gave out 2987 prescriptions in one week.  We treated 31 cases of malaria at our clinics in Limon, Icoteas, and La Danta! An AMAZING group... It was fantastic working with you all!"

To receive critically needed medical care many of the poor in Honduras need your help today!  

"The trip to Honduras allowed me to use the skills I've been given to provide for the most appreciative people I have ever met.  It was fantastic to be in an environment where what I did mattered so much to the people I served. This was the most professionally rewarding week of my life and got me back to why I love what I do - so I'm appreciative of the opportunity."

Paulo Younse

Pasadena, CA