To receive critically needed medical care many of the poor in Honduras need your help today!  

Limón Clinic

​The area around Limón, Honduras has little available medical care except for those doctors and dentists coming to the clinic from late-January through October each year. Our clinic provides no medical care during the rainy season (November through January) due to the impassable condition of the roads.  Generally, teams are scheduled every other week.  On a typical week 500 – 700 patients are seen and over 1,500 prescriptions are filled.​   

The current team schedule can be accessed by clicking on the button below.

​Whispering Hope Clinic

The Whispering Hope Clinic is located near Trujillo in the village of Chapagua, Department of Colon, Honduras. The Missionary Health Service (MHS) founded this clinic serving 14 villages which rarely see medical professionals.  MHS has approached CHHF concerning staffing this clinic with volunteer medical teams. The clinic has exam rooms, dental facilities, a laboratory, and a pharmacy.

Volunteer medical, dental and ophthalmic teams serving this clinic generally stay in hotels in the Trujillo area.  The people of the area will provide office support and interpreters when teams are present at no cost to the team.  Teams serving this clinic will generally stay in hotels in Trujillo, about 20 minutes away.

Teams can be scheduled to serve the Whispering Hope Clinic separately or in conjunction with the Limón clinic above.  To schedule your team either email the Team Coordinator Peggy Hook at or call 757-220-2142

Team Schedule​