Forms for Team Leaders

The following form is for team leader use and should be sent to the Team Coordinator Peggy Hook ( six weeks prior to arrival. Payment of fees should be sent to CHHF office (P.O. Box 528; Barnwell, SC 29812).


The following forms are needed while serving at the clinic.


  • Pharmacy Needs and Overstock List - This form is to be completed by the pharmacist or team leader on the final day in Limón.  Give it to David Kelly who will scan and email it to the Team Coordinator
  • Accident Report- If you have an accident or damage the vehicles or building, please complete this form and return no later than 24 hours after returning home.
  • Final Mission Report- This report should be submitted within one week after returning.

Team Leader Information

Important Information

The following documents provide the latest information for Team Leaders to plan your trip to Honduras.

To receive critically needed medical care many of the poor in Honduras need your help today.  Give the gift of health this holiday season!

Malaria Protocol

Many cases of malaria are being identified at the CHHF clinics.  Claudia Norales has been trained by Gloria Lacayo and other lab technicians in identifying malaria and is proficient.  Malaria medicine is difficult to find in Honduras and many teams take it with them. The following may be helpful in your planning.

Trip and Medical Insurance

There are a number of companies which will provide travel and medical insurance for mission teams.  Below are some possible contacts.  If you use a different insurer we will be pleased to include them in the list for other teams to consider.  CHHF does not recommend any company, but we do require that your team take medical, medical evacuation, and travel insurance for all mission travel.


If you have questions not answered in the above information please contact us 


Phone: (757) 220-2142