To receive critically needed medical care many of the poor in Honduras need your help today!  


Whispering Hope Clinic

In 2015 CHHF began staffing the Whispering Hope Clinic, founded by Missionary Health Service located in the village of Chapagua near Trujillo.  CHHF has accepted this clinic as part of it's network of clinics in Honduras.  Teams are going to Whispering Hope for 1-2 days during their week in Honduras or it can be scheduled separately from the Limón Clinic. 

Icoteas Clinic

Built in 2000, the Icoteas Clinic is a small satellite clinic located in the village of icoteas, about 45 minutes east of Limón. The clinic has 3 exam rooms, and a pharmacy in a 900 square foot building.   Teams typically make a day trip to the clinic from Limón.

Limón Clinic

The Limón Clinic is the primary facility operated by CHHF. The clinic is located on front beach in the village of Limón, Department of Colon, Honduras.  The clinic has exam rooms, dental facilities, a laboratory, and a pharmacy on the lower level.   The upstairs living area includes a great room, kitchen, 8 bedrooms with a total of 18 beds, and 4 baths.  Volunteers staff the clinic every other week except during the rainy season of November, December, and January.  The clinic has a small school bus which is used to bring patients to the clinic from nearby villages.  At times teams use the school bus to serve patients in the home villages.