Leonarda's Home of Hope has merged with the

Carolina Honduras Health Foundation

On May 7, 2016 the Carolina Honduras Health Foundation agreed to accept the offer from Leonarda's Home Of Hope to merge its programs with CHHF.  As the primary reason for forming LHOH was to build a new home of the children of ComuniĆ³n H and this had been accomplished, the Board of LHOH felt that it would be in the best interest of all to merge LHOH with CHHF.  Both LHOH and CHHF were operating similar programs.

This merger is now in effect and CHHF is taking over all the programs of LHOH to support children in Honduras. 

  • Medical Care for Children has always been an objective of CHHF.  In 2015 CHHF began a medical referral program which included all age levels.  This referral program is in line with the program offered by LHOH which arranges for and helps pay necessary expenses for children to receive medical care not available at the CHHF clinics. 
  • Education of Children has been a program of both CHHF and LHOH from the beginning.  Merging these two programs has been accomplished and all students supported by LHOH will continue to receive support to complete their high school and/or university education. 
  • The Stop Hunger Now program which had been feeding over 6,000 children was stopped by LHOH in early 2016 when it became apparent that neither organization was in a position to meet the reporting requirements of SHN.  CHHF will endeavor to find a partner organization to support the feeding of children in Honduras, but until such time that a suitable partner is located this program is suspended.

The Board of Directors of LHOH thanks all those who have supported our programs since we began operations in 2009.  We ask that you continue to support our work through the Carolina Honduras Health Foundation. 

God bless,

N. K. Hook, Jr.


LHOH Board of Directors



Carolina Honduras Health Foundation