Carolina Honduras Health Foundation Volunteer

Always there is a need for medical professionals who will volunteer at our clinics in Honduras:  doctors, NPs, PAs, RNs, EMTs, CNAs, lab techs, dentists, dental assistants, optometrists, pharmacists, and pharmacy techs.  Non-medical volunteers can lead teams, assist in the pharmacy, serve as interpreters, and teach dental hygiene, or dispense reading glasses.  Often volunteers also participate with various ministry programs including providing Bible studies and helping with maintenance efforts or undertaking construction projects.  If you are interested in participating in a mission trip, contact us now.

Volunteers can also assist in many other ways without leaving home.  Can you help promote the work of CHHF through social media or help raise funds?  Do you have skills to help with technology issues or build interactive forms?  If you have a skill that may help our mission, contact us to volunteer.

Complete the form below and tell us how you would like to help, your skills and licenses, and when you are available.  We will respond shortly and also add you to our Newsletter list.  

To receive critically needed medical care many of the poor in Honduras need your help today!