"I just wanted to drop a note to thank you for the awesome work you and the foundation are doing for our town.  The services you provide are critical.  The whole town is relieved whenever there is a team present.  Thank you very much."

Jorge Ventura

Limón, Honduras

Our History

​​CHHF's  purpose is to render free medical, dental, and ophthalmic services to the poor and needy in the Department of Colon, Honduras. The challenge is to also offer health education regarding disease prevention, sanitation, and nutrition. The aim is to work with selected active people in the community, side by side, teaching and training them to advance their standards of health care. ​

One third of the world’s population does not have access to medical care. You can help change that in remote villages of Honduras.



"We were completely amazed at the quality of the work being done in this region of Honduras and the difference CHHF is making in the health and well being of the people. It felt great to work as part of a team carrying on the tradition started by Dr. Gibson years ago. The team leaders were outstanding and we were able to focus on the work we came to do instead of the daily needs of transportation and food."


Anita Martin

Registered Nurse

​Kernersville, NC

Our History

The Carolina Honduras Health Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) non profit, was begun by Dr. Henry W. Gibson, MD of Barnwell, SC.  In 1987 he made his first trip to Honduras and continued to do so until his passing in 2014.

Medical Mission 

To receive critically needed medical care many of the poor in Honduras need your help today!